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                    T series high-speed CNC T series high-speed CNC

                    T series high-speed CNC

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                    High precision transmission components High precision transmission components

                    High precision transmission components


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                    Research and development personnel




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                    Brand story

                    Brand story

                    corporate culture

                    Jiangsu Sue technology co., LTD, located in the beautiful suzhou taihu lake, is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises, the 20 years, deep in the use of CNC machine tool manufacturing and r&d, Sue is standing in a user's point of view to make the machine, always in line with the "focus on quality, creating brand" by the...

                    Services and Support

                    We can provide the industry's best technical support, to meet and solve customer needs and problems is our first appeal. Professional product selection senior program design -- senior program engineer

                    2022-04【瑞蘇講解】Carved machine在使用過程中應該注意的

                    Compared with manual processing, the precision carving machine can more reasonably calculate the processing area and the layout of the plate, more reasonable use of resources, cost saving, precision carving machine has great advantages. But relative to

                    2019-10Carved machine鑽頭正确使用

                    A carving bit with a diameter less than 3.175mm is usually called a microdrill. A number of factors must be considered in order for the microdrill to be effective in use: elements of the bit itself,

                    2019-10Carved machine的控制器有哪些呢?

                    The use of fine carving machine is very effective, to have a good fine carving machine, use longer, so it is very important to choose fine carving machine accessories, fine carving machine is inseparable from accessories, in the choice

                    2019-10Carved machine常見問題解答

                    Engraving machine is precision CNC equipment, therefore, before using it should have a deep understanding of all aspects. If there are some common problems, how should we solve them, today Rui

                    Industry layout

                    INDUSTRIAL LAYOUT

                    Risu is still groping its way forward in CNC processing industry, and has formed three industry blocks of machining, machine tool production and automation equipment, which are interdependent and mutually successful

                    Contact us

                    Contact Us


                    • 地 址:Jiangsu Risu Technology Co., LTD
                    • telephone:0512-66568100
                    • 傳 真:0512-66568300
                    • 郵政編碼:215103
                    • 400電話 :400-100-6952
                    • 郵 箱:admin@ruisu.cn
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